How do I Get a Username & Password for AMC Work?

Work, or WorkBrain, is an online database and profile site created by AMC. It allows employees and employers to categorize their work, to set up user profiles about the work that they are doing and to connect to others who are doing the same type of work. Both employers and employees can access Work, or WorkBrain. Before you can access the program, however, you need to have a user name and password. You must first install the program, and your company must become a member of Work to use the service. Have a question? Get an answer from Online Tech Support now!

1. Contact your boss, if you are not the employer. If your employer has asked you to use Work or WorkBrain from AMC, he will have user names and passwords, because he will have registered all of his employees. He can give you the user name and password that have been assigned to you. This will allow you to log on to the AMC Work program.
2. Contact AMC Work if you are the employer, or if you wish to set up a Work account for yourself. Click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the WorkBrain login page. Email or call Work to set up an account. If "Contact Us" does not appear on the site for you, use the information at Jigsaw (see References) to call or email Workbrain. You can call the company at 678-319-8000. You will need to pay for the service, depending on the type of Work or WorkBrain service you would like to set up and the number of users you would like to include.




3. Set up the account according the the directions you receive directly from WorkBrain once you've contacted the company. Generally, this will include logging in to your administrator account using the user name and password the company provides. Then follow the automatic setup program, which requires you to add company information, decide which features you'd like and set up user accounts for your employees.

4. Log in to your AMC Work account once you've registered through phone or email and once you have all of the information available to you.



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